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The Why

One in three African babies are stunted, causing wasting, long term impairments and deaths. Malnutrition is the single common contributor to the biggest infectious diseases claiming the life of one children in nine on the continent. 


The current food system excludes millions of babies by exporting local crops abroad and importing milk-based formulas that are unaffordable for most families. With the continent been one of the main exporter of organic crop in the region, it is clear that the solution to the malnutrition problem depends on our ability to harness local ressources.

The How

A few years ago, unable to afford expensive milk-based formulas, Ida Solitoke started mixing vegetables such as baobab to feed her baby boy who grew healthy. Her experience and passion evolved into Baobaby: a solution to infant malnutrition. 


Our business model sources crops from local female farmers by cutting down the middlemen and allowing farmers to earn more. We transform the crops into formulas and distribute them in local communities. We also target parents by partnering with local health centers where most mothers and babies attend. We also show how to use local vegetables for homemade recipes for their babies when they cannot afford formulas.

The Vision

Our innovation is to take food from local farms to the mouths of babies.


At Baobaby we believe that ending poverty cycle start with building stronger bodies from the early stage of life. By combating babies undernutrition and stunting our solution saves lives and also contribute to building sustainable communities and industry. 

Our vision is to scale to Africa and beyond to conquer a market of more than 100 millions children and mothers. To achieve this vision we are working with local farmers to champion the cultivation of drought resistant crops ensuring a sustainable supply chain and improving community resilience.

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