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Our Innovation

We use Baobab and Moringa to solve three problems:

              Babies malnutrition

              Low income female farmers

              Food Industry's low sustainability



Babies malnutrition

We fight babies’ hunger by producing affordable formulas and showing poor and rural parents how to make nutritious homemade formulas from local vegetables.


Female farmers' low income

The use of baobab and moringa allows their farms to withstand drought and stay productive during inconsistent rainfall. 

Our tech-powered payment scheme cuts out the middlemen and allows female farmers a direct access to market transforming them into agri-entrepreneurs.

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Food Industry's low sustainability

We use alt-protein to change the baby food industry which is currently depending on high-carbon, milk-based global production systems. Baobaby is low-carbon, relies on local supply chain, empower rural women and build climate-resilient communities.

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