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Our Team


Marketing and Communication

She has three years of experience with Non-for-Profit ALAFIA running social marketing campaigns on health, clean water, and sanitation in peri-urban and rural areas.


Bachelor in Social Entrepreneurship, Bachelor in Law, University of Lomé (Togo) 

AGOUDA Sylviane

Product Development Officer


She has five years of experience working for Brasserie BB and Fanmilk the largest West African yogurt product. She worked with NutriOld to develop easy-to-cook meals for the elderly.

Master in Food Science, Certificate in Nutrition. University of Lomé (Togo)

SOLITOKE Mehezaa Ida

Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer

Ten years of experience in managing public institutions.

Consulting for Small businesses, she helps smallholder farmers’ cooperatives get fair access to the market.

Bachelor in Business Administration, University of Lomé (Togo)




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NOMEDJI Koffi Amegbo

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


He has eight years of experience in rural development projects

Founder of Delffithe a successful Togolese startup catering low-priced healthy meals to corporate employees.

Ph.D. Cultural Anthropology, Duke University (US)

Master in Economics,  Oklahoma State University (US) 

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